Our Car Wash Process

Eclipse combines state-of-the-art equipment with environment-loving detergents to ensure a clean car and clean environment.

Car with water reflections.


Loading area.

Loading Area

Pre-soak high pH.

Pre-Soak High pH

Molton shine.

Molten Shine

Triple foam.

Triple Foam

Tire cleaner.

2-Step Tire Cleaner

Photo coming soon.

Grill Brushes

Underbody cleanse.

Underbody Cleanse

Photo coming soon.

High-Pressure Blaster

Car wash tunnel.

Top Brush

Warp brushes.

Warp Brushes

Contour brushes.

Contour Brushes

Mitter Curtain.

Mitter Curtain

Pre-rinse with Carnauba hot wax.

Pre-Rinse with Carnauba Hot Wax

Photo coming soon.

Ceramic Coat

Photo coming soon.

High-Pressure Rinse Arch

Photo coming soon.

Wheel Brush

Durashield arch.

Durashield Arch

Photo coming soon.

Drying Agent & Spot-Free Rain

Tire shine.

Tire Shine

Heated drying.

Heated Drying

Enjoy free vacuums with every wash.

Next Stop: Free Vacuums!

The Best Amenities

Each car wash comes with the best free amenities. Enjoy FREE VACUUMS at one of our 25 vacuum bays. With vacuum hoses on both sides of the car, interior cleanup is quick and effortless. We also provide air jets for cleaning around tight, tough to reach spots. Floor mats can be cleaned automatically with our FREE MAT CLEANERS. You get the choice of either wet or dry cleaning. Simply inset the mat into the top of the unit, and your clean mats will be dispensed at the bottom. Eclipse also offers a variety of FREE GLASS CLEANING accessories including drying hand towels, Armor-All® wipes and glass cleaner in our vending area.

Free vacuums with every wash.

25 Vacuum Bays

Mat cleaners.

Mat Cleaners

Hand towels.

Drying Towels, Wipes and Glass Cleaner

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To suit every budget, each wash can be conveniently purchased as individual washes, wash books, and unlimited wash clubs.

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